Online Book Shopping In India

Latest survey and study cleared that India is on top position for reading books off line as well as Online. On an average Indian people spends more than 10 hours per week for reading books or periodicals. This is the reason to get India on top position for reading time. Other countries like China and US the average time is around 5 Hours only.

Previously people in India used to reading with printed books, and most of home contains own library or subscription from one library. Now trend changed.. but yes still people using printed books for reading. With current trend of smartphone people started getting e-books easily and in very affordable cost which also supported to keep reading habit in continuous way. People started decision making on books review published in social networking sites or blogs.

A business daily’s survey found that people were buying 3.3 times more books after they bought e-book readers. Even audio books have transitioned to the CD and MP3 files and more titles are coming in these downloadable formats than earlier. Perhaps, this reading in changed format is giving Indians an edge.

 To support same love with reading books online and off line we are giving list of books to purchase online with great offer and deals.


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